My 31st Birthday

5 thoughts on “My 31st Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday Rose! Nice, I’m gonna try the banana bread recipe, love the girl’s way of talking. Bread is tricky, what happened? Was it too hard? You actually need to punch the mofo and let it rest for a looong time before baking. You look radiant, pregnancy is doing you well. Take care.


  2. I didn’t shape it well so it stuck to the pan when it was baked. Also it was wide but not high enough and doesn’t toast well in our toaster! Good luck, tell me how it turns out!


  3. Both breads look awesome! So bad you never baked while in Taipei ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I love banana bread.
    Hey, I can see your little bump now! Looking great! I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday.


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