Al Baik vs. KFC

3 thoughts on “Al Baik vs. KFC”

  1. The crispiness of AL Baik was affected because of the long travel. It is usually crispy and the smell, when hot sinks deep within your system. Now that I’m pregnant, I like Al Baik and its garlic sauce.
    I find KFC Philippines’ style better plus the gravy. Here, the KFC is milder in taste. 🙂 the sauce is not that consistent.


  2. Hola! My name is Cecilia and I from Spain. My husband and I are preparing our move to Kaust . As you guess, we still have many questions about life at KAUST for this reason we are trying to reach Spaniards who live there. I read that your husband is postdoc and my husband is too. It would be helpful for us if we could talk by mail or mesenger. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you my email.


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