Girls day in Jeddah

This past Saturday my friends and I got together for a girls day out on the town. We ordered a taxi to take us around eight hours. I was supposed to book a regular sedan but the taxi company, Hanco, suggested that we take an SUV instead. Why, you ask? First, the driver is a … Continue reading Girls day in Jeddah

Asfan Desert Fun

Every year our division organizes a Staff Appreciation Day wherein all administrative staff are given the afternoon off to join a lunch and several activities that the division organizes. Last year we had it at the Harbor Sports Club restaurant and people went bowling afterwards. I had work to do so I just went back … Continue reading Asfan Desert Fun

Times are a-changin’

You might have read about the dependent fees that people now have to pay the government of Saudi Arabia for every dependent that they have under their iqama (resident permit). Currently people have to pay 100 SAR for each of their dependents (including maids or drivers). This amount will increase to 200 by July 2018, … Continue reading Times are a-changin’

We finally hired a nanny!

We did it! We finally hired a nanny/helper! It certainly feels like an accomplishment, after years of entertaining the idea, attempting to hire one, giving up on the idea, then starting to entertain the idea again. Jose’s contract was renewed for one more year so right then and there I decided that for the (presumably) … Continue reading We finally hired a nanny!